These special items in our sale on 2nd March 2015

300 Victorian Walking Cane with Carved Horn Monkey (possibly rhino). Good

example with well carved handle in black horn, possibly rhinoceros, silver

collar, coromandel shaft, ivory tip. Presented by Austin Rudd to Mr George

Brookes, a well known comedian.

301 Antique Carved Horn Greyhound Dress Cane. Lovely walking stick, the

handle carved from a translucent horn with inset glass eyes, silver collar

and coromandel shaft. Victorian. Length: 95cm

302 Chinese Antique Rhinoceros Horn Walking Stick with Silver Handle. Late

19th century. Unusually long and rare example with good colour. Length:

303 Antique Walking Stick with Horn Handle. Gold or gold plated mount and

collar, ebonised shaft and brass ferrule. Presented to James Binns 1907,

presumably on his retirement. Binns was a well known organ builder

working in Yorkshire

304 Antique Rhinoceros Horn Swagger Stick or Riding Crop. Silver ball handle

and rhino horn shaft. Nice colour. Late Victorian/ Edwardian. Length:

305 Fine Antique Dress Cane with Tortoiseshell Carved Ball and 18ct Gold

Collar. Mark of Thomas Johnson 1889 and inscribed with baronial

monogram beneath a crown, malacca shaft. Victorian. Length: 89cm

306 Horn Cane (possibly rhino) by London Maker Ben Cox. Solid 9ct gold

collar, coromandel shaft. Victorian/ Edwardian. Length: 87cm

307 Antique Swagger Stick or Whip. Leather handle with silver mounts,

knobbled wooden shaft. Late 19th or early 20th century. Length: 83.5cm.

308 18th/ 19th Century Rhinoceros Horn Crook Handle Walking Cane. Full

length rhino horn in three sections. Length: 88cm.

309 Edwardian Walking Cane with Carved Horn (possibly rhinoceros) Handle.

Small dress cane with silver collar, wooden shaft and steel ferrule. Length:


400 A Large Gabriel Viardot School Chinese Taste Screen. Well carved

example with imperial five-claw dragons and other auspicious symbols in

hardwood. 19th century and a large size. Height: 123cm. Width: 77cm

401 A Good Chinese Antique Hardwood Incense Stand, Possibly Huanghuali.

Late 19th century stand with rouge marble inset top, carved frieze and

legs joined by two shelves. Terminates on carved ball and claw feet. Nice

colour and grain. Height:80cm

402 . Late 19th Century Chinese Hardwood Flower Stand. Circular top with

inset rouge marble above a well carved frieze and legs joined by a shelf

and terminating on ball and claw feet. Height: 88cm.

403 Chinese Antique Hongmu Carved Incense Stand, 19th Century. A good

hardwood carved stand with hexagonal top, inset with rough marble above

a heavily carved frieze and legs joined by a lower tier and terminating on

ball and claw feet. Height: 85cm

404 Utagawa Kunisada (Japanese, 1786-1864) Original Woodblock Print